Time to Foster Change

Creative Awareness

Be a spark that radiates change Protect the light within a child and watch them shine

Focused attention needs to be placed upon making constructive changes around children’s rights, dependency laws, health care and medicaid, education reform for at- risk and special needs kids, and foster care reformation.


There are only two steps needed to advocate for a child. First, activate your heart and then allocate your voice! Lend your heart and voice to an innocent child and transform a life.


Every life born into this world is relevant and has a purpose. All life deserves compassion and respect.


When we focus on children’s rights we illuminate their relevance and importance and acknowledge their purpose for existence.


You first have to be broken for any light to shine through, At risk kids have so much to teach, feel their warmth and help them through the darkness.


A family does not involve nor does it require a bloodline. The love in one’s heart not the blood in one’s veins is what protects the light force within a child.


There are such things that run deeper than blood. Love, Concern, Empathy, Kindness and Compassion just to name a few.


Adoption is another word for unconditional love.