Focused attention needs to be placed upon making constructive changes around children’s rights, dependency laws, health care and medicaid, education reform for at- risk and special needs kids, and foster care reformation.


There are only two steps needed to advocate for a child. First, activate your heart and then allocate your voice! Lend your heart and voice to an innocent child and transform a life.


Every life born into this world is relevant and has a purpose. All life deserves compassion and respect.


When we focus on children’s rights we illuminate their relevance and importance and acknowledge their purpose for existence.


You first have to be broken for any light to shine through, At risk kids have so much to teach, feel their warmth and help them through the darkness.


A family does not involve nor does it require a bloodline. The love in one’s heart not the blood in one’s veins is what protects the light force within a child.


There are such things that run deeper than blood. Love, Concern, Empathy, Kindness and Compassion just to name a few.


Adoption is another word for unconditional love.

All his life he’s been told
He’ll be nothing when he’s old
All the kicks and all the blows
He won’t ever let it show
‘Cause he’s stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow


When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been struggling to make things right
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour, turn that pain into power


All the hurt, all the lies
All the tears that they cry
When the moment is just right
You’ll see fire in their eyes
‘Cause he’s stronger than you know
A heart of steel starts to grow


She’s got lions in her heart
A fire in her soul he’s a got a beast
In his belly that’s so hard to control
Cause they’ve taken too much hits, taking blow
by blow Now light a match, stand back, watch them explode


When you’ve fighting for it all your life
You’ve been working every day and night
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour, turn that pain into power

Superheroes – The Script

Featured Stories


I would like to share with you a story about a courageous young boy. His name is Grayson and he entered this world an opioid addict. Before he drew his first breath he was placed in the custody of DCF (Department of Children and Families). Grayson became a ward of the state because while in utero he was introduced to a wide variety of drugs, heroin being the most prevalent. Read More


It has taken me several years to be able to talk about this young soul. Every time I tried to organize my thoughts and put words to paper my emotions would get the better of me. I didn’t want to share this story until I was sure I was doing it for the right reasons. I will readily admit I was disappointed, frustrated and angry in regards to not only how this child was treated by the foster care system, Read More

Who We Are

Hello, my name is Cairenn, and I am a mother to a former foster child who was exposed to numerous narcotics in utero and in turn was born addicted. What I’m about to share with you within these pages is my attempt to illuminate public awareness to the struggles and societal obstacles my son and children just like him have to face at the beginning of their lives and every day thereafter. At the same time, it is also my wish to breathe life into a cause that in my opinion is way overdue. Children’s rights and the necessary change that is needed to bring forth revision to dependency laws across the country.


I have come to witness first hand in a variety of different roles how the child welfare system operates. Over the years it has become abundantly clear to me that there is a lack of focus dedicated to the child and an absence of essential caution given to the child’s overall well being. In addition to my son, I had the privilege to be the foster mother to another beautiful soul for almost eighteen months. This child’s story is just as illuminating as my son’s, different circumstances, but just as heartbreaking. I watched and felt everything these little ones went through. The injustice I witnessed as a bystander watching their stories unfold gave me all the motivation I needed to bring this movement alive. These two incredibly brave kids are the impetus behind my crusade to shine light upon the incredibly unfair undertakings that occur when defenseless at-risk children are submerged within the child welfare system (more specifically, foster care) with nothing to rely on but the hand of fate. Because of this unsettling fact, I have come to the realization that the protection of children, in or out of foster care, will now become my soul’s purpose. There are tens of thousands of children currently and hundreds of thousands from the past that have been exposed to the same robotic indifference as my own kids. These kids are flung into a biased system through no fault of their own, frightened beyond belief, with a majority of them being left without any representation (legal or otherwise). First, they fall victim to the horrible acts initiated upon them by their parent(s), then they must endure months and sometimes years entangled in a system that has the protection of parental rights as the number one objective. As someone who has observed this scenario up close, not once, but twice, I can say with conviction that these children do not stand a chance without proper legal representation. There were times when I watched helplessly as the lives of two beautiful kids got tossed about like it was nothing. I couldn’t believe something this tragic could actually be possible in a country like the United States, but sadly, it’s an everyday occurrence. It’s beyond time for society to intervene and let the powers that be know this undeniably flawed power structure is no longer acceptable. Enough already.


Before I touch upon some of the ins and outs of the system as I understand it, I guess I should let you know that in addition to being a parent of an adopted foster child and former foster mother, I also spent five years of higher education studying the law. My legal career consisted of several years working in a major city prosecutor’s office. I also spent time as a staff attorney for a group of circuit court family law judges. My assignments consisted of a lot of legal research into various legal topics. It was during these countless hours of examination and study that I was struck with a rather valuable piece of insight. It occurred to me that being human involves the ability to change, grow and evolve and how important it is that our laws reflect this progression and move alongside with this enlightened expansion. Long held ideals and beliefs that once provided the foundational basis to many of our laws have shifted greatly over time. Because of this change, multitudes of out-dated statutes need revision to keep pace with this country’s increasing awareness that the status quo is no longer appropriate. Sure there will always be those who rally against this type of advancement, those who will insist on kicking and screaming into the future, objecting to anything that might appear to be equality. But, if history has taught us anything, it’s change is inevitable. So, why may I ask, do so many American laws cling to past beliefs that no longer resonate with much of society? It is this provincial mindset that concerns me the most when it comes to the attitudes and workings of the current child welfare system. The conception that children are lesser beings undeserving of fundamental rights is really troublesome. From the pure fact that we are human should be enough to earn the entitlement to basic human rights. After all, human rights were derived for the protection of humans, right? Is a child not human? The cold hard reality in this country is that children are not afforded rights, but rather “best interest” standards while the abusive and/or neglectful parent(s) are provided attorneys. Not exactly what you would call fair representation, especially knowing that the child’s best interests are based upon the opinions of various individuals who at the closing of this child’s case file will rationalize that their job has been done and call it a day. The child on the other hand doesn’t have the benefit of filing this trauma away. In a best case scenario, the child will live out the consequences. In the worst case scenario, they won’t. I honestly don’t understand how the varying contrasts in the usage of the best interest standards doesn’t seem to bother anyone with the political power to do something about it.


In addition to the lack of representation there are some other troubling aspects that plague the foster care system. The first one involves the inconsistency that can be found from the varied determinations made by system employees (caseworkers to judges), it’s all over the board. Even if two cases are relatively similar in nature the ultimate outcome for each child could differ greatly. Which brings me to the next issue I take exception with, the powerful opinions of strangers deciding a child’s fate. I don’t think people realize what a game of chance this entire operation is. It really is the luck of the draw. Each child’s case, depending on how long the child spends in the system, has the possibility to be assigned numerous and varied caseworkers, case managers, guardian ad litems (if they’re lucky to get one in the first place) and/or judges. Somewhere along the line of all this confusion a judgment call is made as to which child will be entitled to an advocate. Due to the shortage of Guardian Ad Litems(a volunteer who is appointed to safeguard the best interests of a child) a decision will be made by someone who knows absolutely nothing about the child’s circumstances other than what he/she has read from a report. I have learned from my own experience with the system that the severity of abuse/neglect is a significant factor in making this call. The sad part about this is that this is done by what can be seen with the eye(drug exposure, physical injury, sexual molestation, etc.) Emotional and mental abuse can be just as damaging, as well as, everlasting, but more likely than not these kids will be left unprotected without an advocate. Every child that enters this system should be entitled to legal representation. Not an advocate, but a lawyer. If this country can make that possible for every adult that has ever entered the system (usually due to their own actions), then why not show the same decency to an innocent child who through no fault of their own ended up in some dreadful circumstances. How has it become acceptable to allow these children to become victims of happenstance? Their fates are decided by employees of the system and more often than not this predetermined course of action is then rubber stamped by the dependency court. These conflicting and contrary opinions are overtly unfair to these young lives. This is utter bullshit and this decades old system is long past due for reexamination with some thoughtful insight and common sense added into the mix.


It’s just unfathomable to me that there are human beings living in the United States still left unprotected by our constitution due to age. But then again, I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised since the same holds true for women and people of color. No amendments addressing sex (equal rights) or racism (civil rights) for that matter. We do have federal acts that address these subjects, but no constitutional amendments. Huge difference. You ever wonder why that is? The answer is actually quite simple, but at the same time rather embarrassing. It’s because our country, through our elected representatives, can’t seem to agree on matters that should be a no-brainer and in turn respond in a way that is morally, ethically, and rightfully sound. But, you know what? I have renewed hope. I am witnessing, I believe, the soul of humankind finally awakening. There seems to be this energy out there that no longer wishes to tolerate socially accepted injustices that have slowly woven their way into our everyday lives. I actually sense a unified mindset brewing that has come to the realization that as a collective we have the power to upend narrow-minded ideology and misguided, controlling agendas of government policies that no longer serve us. In recent years such movements as Black Lives Matter, March for Our Lives, LGBTQ, Me Too, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and many more have inspired so many to bravely stand up and take action. The anger and intolerance felt by millions has transformed many of us into proactive advocates who no longer wish to endure lives full of hatred, gun violence, racial divide, child abuse, police brutality, sexual harassment, unequal pay and political idiocy. Many of us are finding our voices because we know a better world will follow if we have the courage to step up. So, I’m going to do my part and speak up about a topic that not only hits close to home for me, but one that I truly believe is worth fighting for. Every life born into this world has relevance and a purpose including the lives of the most vulnerable among us. Nobody should be able to decide, especially in this day and age, the direction and outcome of another human being’s life without full and proper legal representation present the entire step of the way.


It is my hope that this movement will begin to gain speed when those of us who have experienced the system front and center lend their voices on behalf of these children. If you are a current or former foster child, a current or former foster parent, a child welfare advocate, or anyone else this cause touches personally, I kindly ask that you share your observations, perceptions or anything else that resonates with you. Every story told will bring forth the awareness needed to protect these kids and bring the issues of Child Welfare Reform and Children Rights to the forefront.


Thank You!