Time to Foster Change

Happy To Be Awake

So, what’s wrong with being woke. This term really seems to annoy some people, especially those in political positions. It’s hard for me to comprehend how a “leader” in the 21st century can be so afraid of those of us who choose to make ourselves actively attentive to the important facts and issues of the day.

Those who choose to be informed, educated and conscious of social injustice and racial inequality should be applauded not condemned. For aren’t they the ones taking the much needed steps forward to evoke more acceptance and understanding in this self-absorbed world we live in?  What this world actually needs right now are more woke individuals who are willing to challenge those who relentlessly abuse their authority by constantly dragging us into a vibration of acrimony, bigotry, and exclusion.

A core belief of mine is that this life we are all here to live was meant for all of us. Life was not carved out for a selective few who somehow delusionally believe it is their job to dictate who, what, when, where and how others should exist in this short, but precious time on this earth.  Any individual, group, or entity, who tries to bully, silence, deter, or just wreak havoc upon another individual, group, or entity’s form of identity or sense of being are nothing but arrogant dolts.

My definition of the word “WOKE” is simple: Welcome the obligation to extend kindness and empathy for all ways of being. Why is this simple concept so freaking hard for so many to embrace? Why do so many of us continually carry around an Us vs Them mentality? No one on this planet is any better or more deserving than anyone else.  Some of us were brought up to believe such a thing because that is what we were taught and shown on a daily basis.

Our parents were told and shown the same thing as was theirs and so on down the line. But let’s not kid ourselves. Every thought, concept, perception, belief, standard, principle, legislation, and rule that has an underlying air of superiority and the stench of predominance is a man made construct. Human beings are the sole reason that labels, barriers, and impediments of any kind have been laid in place.

I think we all know that such actions were and still are a means of control of those in power to deter certain individuals, ideas, philosophies, values, etc. from ever reaching a viable existence. A fragile ego is to blame for much of the inequality in this world.  But the good news is… we as humans can also put an end to this f**ked up sense of importance.

Something needs to be done to change this misguided axiom that continues to infiltrate every new generation.  I honestly don’t know how our political climate and general atmosphere could get any worse than it already is, but if things keep going the way they are we are sure to find out very soon.

I know my blog is all about kids. So, why am I discussing a topic such as the one above?  Because I honestly believe that in order to see change to an out-dated system or evoke progression within a worthy cause we will eventually need our state and national leaders’ support. We need them to not only awaken to society’s shortcomings and its anguished plea for help, but actively do something productive.

We can’t continue to move ahead with leaders that do nothing but turn a blind eye or turn a deaf ear to societal’ s struggles and inequalities. We need WOKE leaders who are willing to care about all types of individuals and groups. Who don’t abuse their authority to single out and favor factions that do nothing more than to feed into their incessant need for more power. Let me share an example of what we don’t need.

I live in a state where one of the most deadliest school shootings occured. Where guns are the 2nd-leading cause of death among children and teens. I live in a country where just under 10,000 people have died from gun violence this year. And it’s just the beginning of April. These are some pretty disturbing statistics.

Nevertheless, the governor of my state thought it best to pass a law which allows anyone to carry a concealed gun without a permit. I mean, really? WTF? This also happens to be the same guy who signed the ‘Stop Woke Act’. A piece of legislation just as racist and offensive as some of our history’s shameful laws of the past.

The past with all its issues and problems is not where I want to be. I, for one, want to move forward. Preferably into a future driven by informed, educated, and enlightened individuals conscious of the inequalities and injustices that surround them. Who also come equipped with the compassion and drive to do something about it. If being woke translates into being a question asking status quo opposer then count me in.