Time to Foster Change

Reasoning For My Stance

The other day I received an email from an individual asking me why I support separating families. Fair enough question. However, I think the answer to that inquiry has been explained repetitively throughout each of my blog postings. But, if this is a reaction some may still be having concerning my viewpoints, I feel some time is owed toward a better clarification of my stance.

I am in no way promoting the removal of kids from healthy, stable, and nurturing family structures. I only support separating children from toxic environments. Most of these harmful situations involve the family unit. So, if that means removing children from abusive family dynamics then I’m all for it. To understand the passion I have around protecting at-risk kids, I guess I should take this explanation one step further.

Everyone who has lived a decent amount of time on this earth knows that life isn’t fair. We are all going to stumble and struggle somewhere along the line. But, what I never understood, even as a kid, was how some of us suffer at a far greater proportion than others. When I contemplate the injustice of this reality it makes me hope that there truly exists a higher power. Because when I die that is the one question I have for the divine. Will you please explain the purpose and inequity of suffering?

Suffering comes in all forms…disease, disability, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, war, and so on. But it’s the needless suffering at the hands of others that bothers me to the core. The two obvious examples of inexcusable suffering that comes to mind is the Holocaust and slavery. Needless suffering due to the views and actions of those with power and the complicit and complacent individuals that followed along. To me, the physical, emotional, and mental abuse of a child who has absolutely no means of protecting themselves fall into this category.

I have seen this type of abuse first hand. I have been witness to the aftermath of many forms of child abuse. It’s not only unfair, it rips at your soul. Just like the two heinous events mentioned above. It’s the kind of suffering that makes you shake your head in disbelief. So, I hope this further commentary helps to clear up any confusion as to my stance in regards to separating families. If a child’s parent or family member intentionally inflicts abuse or creates a toxic and unsafe environment that puts the child in danger…then hell yes, I’m all for separating families.

I think the problem is that a great majority of us can’t possibly fathom abusing our own child. We look at family as a source of love and support. We think of our own families and become very emotional. Of course, we wouldn’t want our family separated or our children taken from us. I get it, emotions can be quite powerful. But these children need us to think clearly and not be swept up in a cloud of feelings about what family life should look like.

Reality shows us that there are hordes of others whose actions or non actions put their children in the face of great harm. There are millions of children around the world suffering from some form of abuse. Those who are in denial of this fact need to step out of their comfort zone and realize that the needless suffering these children endure flows directly from family ties.