Time to Foster Change

When did we become those people?

Blog When did we become those people?

Who are we? I need to ask this question because I just don’t understand what is happening. When did we become those people? The ones who, in the moment of a national tragedy, poke our heads up long enough to feel some empathy, but go right back to focusing on the inner goings-on of our lives once all the fuss dies down.

That is, until the next violent event grabs our attention. Another elementary school shooting. Another mass murder.  Another child killing other children. Another horrific act showcasing gun violence for our history books. Another event depicting a mental health issue (how can one not be mentally and/or emotionally disturbed to take an innocent life).

Who are we that we’ve become so immune to such unspeakable atrocities that news of them disappears within a week.  Who are we that permit leaders of this land to remain in office who are obviously unconcerned about the safety of our communities and loved ones.  Who are we that allow politicians to protect the rights of some, but dismiss those of others? Who are we that we can’t say enough is enough?

Are we not yet fed up with the gun violence and mental health issues that continually plague this society? Issues of such great importance, yet both topics are continually ignored by the powers that be who actually have the ability to do something about it.

I read somewhere that it’s always the rebels, the ideologists, the pioneers, the innovators, and the truth seekers who all end up with arrows in their backs. All because they seek change. Those brave enough to forge ahead, regardless of the consequences, always bear the brunt of it.  Why?  Is it because some within society are so damn afraid of change or is it because there are those in society arrogant enough to think they got it all figured out.  

Convinced that any issue, be it social, moral, cultural, economic, political, legal, you name it, can all be addressed thoroughly and completely by simply locating where it properly fits within our well-thought-out societal norms and practices. 

To believe that all answers and resolutions to every new truth that has ever come to light can be found readily available within our many well-established, tried and true systems is misguided and foolish. But, somehow this very messed up perspective has made its way into our reality. We have some very serious issues that need addressing. Gun control and mental health care are only two of the many matters of contention weighing on the soul of this country.

We not only need to embrace change, we need to push for it. Unless we want to continue witnessing, or god forbid, experiencing firsthand more of the same devastating heartbreak such as the recent slaughter of all those innocent children this week, we need to risk-taking that arrow in the back. Eventually, the world will run out of arrows when enough of us band together and demand the change we wish to see.