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Time to Fight Back

Learned helplessness and broken heart syndrome. These are terms that are being used to describe the mental and emotional state of the United States. All I can say is “Wow!” Does this sound like the lawmakers and politicians are acting in the collective’s best interest? Does it appear to you that the people who take office actually give a damn about the people who live in this country?

Blog When did we become those people?

When did we become those people?

Who are we? I need to ask this question because I just don’t understand what is happening. When did we become those people? The ones who, in the moment of a national tragedy, poke our heads up long enough to feel some empathy, but go right back to focusing on the inner goings-on of our lives once all the fuss dies down. That is, until the next violent event grabs our attention. Another elementary school shooting. Another mass murder. Another child killing other children.

Focus on the Kids

Thousands of children die every year from abuse and neglect with the majority being killed by their own parent(s). Not a week goes by that we don’t read about this type of tragedy in national or local news. A father...

Amendment of Current Child Welfare Statutes

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Opioid Crisis

Our country has been in the midst of an opioid crisis for the last several decades. Currently, we are facing a fentanyl epidemic which is now being considered as the next wave of the opioid tragedy. We continue to be...

Parental Rights v Children Rights

A healthy parent-child relationship is probably the closest thing to unconditional love anyone of us will ever experience.  It’s natural to assume that nothing will ever measure up to a parent’s capacity to show affection without limitations and to love...

Lack of Children’s Rights in US

It is difficult to comprehend why Congress, for the past thirty-one years, has chosen not to act in ratifying a crucial international treaty regarding children’s rights. The Convention on the Rights of a Child was actually signed by President Clinton...

A Foster Parent Perspective

No one wants to see a child yanked from his/her family, friends, school, and a life they hold near and dear to their heart without credible evidence. I honestly do not believe that sheriff investigators, dependency judges, case workers, or...